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[22 May 2016|10:22pm]
I haven't posted here in 6 years. I can't believe this thing is still here.
I see one good friend that posts once a year. Then a bunch of writers or artists that I follow.
Things are good I guess.
My baby boy is growing up so fast. He's a Cub Scout. And a green belt in karate. He loves Lego, skylanders, super heroes and all that sort of thing.
He's a good boy. He's a great boy. He is friendly and loving. He defends everyone that needs it. His heart is amazing.
My wife is good. I love her. She is as great as she has always been.
Work is good. Very busy. Thinking of starting up my own shop soon. More on that later I'm sure.
I'm chemically good today. Had a really rough patch a month or so back. But I'm on top of things again.
Although, I did just watch Game of Thrones "the door" episode. My heart wasn't ready for that.
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[20 Feb 2010|10:36pm]
sick of it.
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[28 Jan 2010|11:48pm]
Pine cone.

Pine cone fuck whistle.
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[26 Dec 2009|11:42pm]
im not sure i can really do a good 2009 recap.
memphis came. that was good.
cave9 was closed down. that sucked a lot.
helen died.
good friends.
people love me. i love them.
im happy. im not happy. im happy. i suck. you suck. fuck all.
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[22 Nov 2009|09:18pm]
Just put up the xmas tree this year. we usually do it the day after thanksgiving, but kista will be out of town that weekend. very excited about memphis' first xmas.

got my sleeve worked on this past tuesday, got my nipples pierced thursday, then today i literally slipped on a banana peel and sort of hurt my back.
the tattoo doesnt hurt, but the back and the nipples do. the nipples especially. i think one might be a touch infected too. but i am taking care of it.

work has been slow. the economy, the time of year. stuff like that. but its cool. i am sure it will pick up.
i have some art in a window at urban outfitters in december. i dont know how many of those are in the bham area, but its the one at the summit. the window by the door.

my nipples really hurt.
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[02 Oct 2009|09:29am]
ok. october. burrito month.gotta try to eat more than 100 in a month. had 1 so far.
horror movie month. gotta try to see at least 31 this month. the challenge is that kista wont watch horror movies with me. so i have to try to see them while she sleeps or at work.
also have a lot of other things going on this month.
going to memphis for a wedding this coming weekend (9-11th).
kel and his bro are coming through town. going to tattoo them. (around the 22nd i think).
max brooks is giving a talk at uab on the 29th.
doing jils wedding on halloween, then hauling ass back home to take memphis for his first halloween. also taking rashawn i think.
seems like there are a few other things. i dont remember right off though.
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[28 Sep 2009|08:53am]
lets talk about the fair.

OK, I realize that the fair, carnivals and circuses come from a history of people that actually loved to put on a show and perform and make people happy. I respect that a lot. I have a relationship with touring bands. Its basically the same thing. A love for the art and the desire to share it with the world.
Well, that has changed. I imagine circus folk are a bit different because there is so much more show involved. Carnie folk however I think are just subclass gypsies.
I know that working a job where you travel constantly can take its toll and there are obvious physical signs of that.
You dont have to stay in that job though. there are some, if limited, options.
Maybe I just have something against people that choose a nomadic life.
I say that, but I can completely get behind some people traveling for the majority of their life. Like bands and what not. I feel like they are providing some sort of service. sharing something important.
people that run the fair on the other hand come off differently.
They take advantage of people and trick them. Rides are fine, but those games are usually a trick. the food is just grease and dirt.
The more I think about it the less about the trickery it is and the more about the lack of responsibility .
Truck drivers choose a life of social isolation. They drive all day alone. If they talk to someone its usually over a cb to people that are doing the exact same thing they are doing.
Fair folk choose a life traveling from town to town working the same rides and games every day. sleeping in tents and ratty trailers. cleaning up vomit and animal shit. a lot of them spend their nights drinking and doing meth.
I know some hippies and crusties that do almost the same thing. the only difference is that they dont work during the day. they just ask for handouts.
maybe im just prejudice against people that dont bathe and have no teeth.
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[01 Sep 2009|11:47pm]
we're all singing songs that no one wants to hear.
when you find someone that sings along just close your eyes and think about how lucky you are.

[28 Jul 2009|12:03pm]
here are some reviews of movies, music and books I have read over the past week-

Terminator salvation-- this movie would be good if it had nothing to do with terminators or christian bale or the future or explosions.
Blood: the last vampire - surprisingly good for what it is. a little silly, but ok.
Who killed Amanda Palmer (book/cd) - book is ok. stories (by neil gaiman) are alright and pictures are interesting. the album is actually pretty amazing.
black hole (by charles burns) - i am actually not done reading this yet. but so far it is really damn good and a bit disturbing. Its about an std going around a town, via all the teens, called the bug. when you get it you get a weird mutation. some people get a tail. some get tumors, one has a tiny mouth on his neck. its fucked up.
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[28 Jul 2009|11:37am]
had a fantabulous time in san diego at comic-con.
miss it already, but very happy to be back with my fam.
highlights include-
seeing friends i rarely get to see.
seeing a ton of people in costumes.
buying a ton of art books.
kel dressed as power man.
drinking like robots.
seeing mystery team. - funny movie. could have been better, but super for a first movie effort. also, we almost didnt get into the screening. ryan got in because of his press pass and one of the guys felt bad that he was sitting all alone so he came and pulled us out of line to go in.
we went to the rave. which wasnt as fun this time as we werent drunk enough.
ryan peed in a corner outside and a cop busted him.
kel and ryan went for the broken yolk challenge. an ungodly amount of food. look it up.
we almost didnt beat the sun home saturday night.
wess met a turkish girl that was very nice.
kel, ryan and I went by the omni hotel where they were nice enough to leave a bunch of beer, wine and rasberry desert out* for us.
went to the hard rock and saw some douchbags melt down and have to have the cops called on them. meanwhile the staff at the hardrock brought us into the lobby to continue drinking so we didnt get into trouble.
met scott ian**.
got punched by joe hills kid.

so much more that I have forgotten.

*- by left out I mean that they left them where we could get to them on a floor we werent supposed to be on, in a kitchen that should have been locked, in an industrial fridge that we shouldnt have messed with, in a hotel we didnt really have a reason to be in.

**- by met scott ian I mean I asked him to shake hands with wess who was out of his mind with devils brew. he said no, but would fist bump him. at which time wess tried and missed 3 times before getting it and declaring "fuckin thrash".
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[18 Jul 2009|10:01am]
so my bouncing baby boy is six months old today. i just cant believe it.
he is making raspberry noises and drooling all over himself right now. i have him in his bouncy door hanging seat. as i walked past a second ago he grabbed my leg like he was going to hug me, but just bit me instead.
i am very happy.
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[14 Jul 2009|10:40pm]
i just read that they are remaking let the right one in. for american audiences of course. changing the name to let me in.
directed by the guy that directed cloverfield.

doing this is like someone saying "oh my god, look at the mona lisa!" then some dumb fucking american saying "look! i drawd some boobies!"

fuck hollywood.
why are americans so stupid?
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[26 Jun 2009|10:27pm]
whatis that? a cabbage on a rollercoaster?

na na na na.

i miss the winter.

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[25 Jun 2009|04:20pm]
got a spider bite on my arm.
had to have a a chunk of it cut open and packed and all that. so i am out of work for a couple of days it appears.
i was given pain medication though.
took some. saw transformers 2.
lots of explosions. lots of camera flying in a circle around people. lots of megan fox running in slow motion.
took another pain pill a minute ago.
my arm is very achey.
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[24 Jun 2009|01:42pm]
so far today-
burned hand.
spilled food in kitchen.
burned part of our kitchen floor.
spilled food in living room.
went to bank where teller refused to give me my account number (that i forgot) to deposit money
drove to work early to tattoo my dad.
noticed low tire.
dealing with weird infected mosquito bite (that hurts a lot). maybe a spider bite.
spilled ink in my work room.
leaky water cup.
spilled inky water.
spilled said water on a painting i was working on.
fell down steps.
had a visit from a customer i hate but pretend to like because i need the business.

could be worse.
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[20 Jun 2009|10:01pm]
tomorrow is fathers day.
i can honestly say that i dont have a lot of fathers in my life that deserve much celebration.
i hope i am better than my own father is all i hope.

[18 Jun 2009|07:59am]
here are the solid gold hits i have written this morning while singing to my kid.

"do you feel better now that you arent covered in piss"
"someones (shitting) in the kitchen with dinah"
"i like you. you are like me. but little"
"sweet baby boy... aw shit, dont eat that"
"what are you, some kind of baby werewolf? no? i still like you"
"here put this in your mouth. NO DONT LET HIM PUT THAT IN HIS MOUTH!" - thats a duet with his mom
"this myth cant be true, you dont even fit in the microwave"
and many more.
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[04 Jun 2009|11:06am]
starting on june 2nd I started teaching myself french.
speaking french, not reading french. I am reading some and listening to audio pronunciations mostly. I think I will be able to read it when I am done, but not write it out.

we will see.
I just wanted to note it here so when i feel like I have learned enough I can see how long it took me.
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[31 May 2009|09:26pm]
so, a few weeks ago there was a shooting at the projects across the street from the shop.
the same day, rashawn (the kid that kista and i big brother sort of) moved.
well, he called the shop yesterday, we went to his new home and got him today to take to a picnic.
he is currently living with his aunt because the shooting happened at his house while he was at school.
I think he is in a better situation now. but his mom is such a piece of shit, I'm sure something else will happen to make his life difficult.
at least now we can take him places and hopefully have a positive impact on his life.

i was supposed to go out last night, but got ill and just went home and tried to sleep.
while laying around i started adding things up. I have been to around 1200 shows. seen around 3000 bands. i'm sure a lot of those are repeats though.

i have a great baby.

i am working at astrobrain comics monday june 1st. come by and buy something.
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[15 May 2009|03:14am]
ist it just me or does be en affleck look like his has stuff in his cheeks. all the time.
i think he wants to fight me.
this movei si so bad.
i wihs i watched that werewof move now. this makes me want to chry its so bad. drwe berrymore is a worrowl f.

i gototto a fig

i gotta go. is what thats supposed to say.


i m in rtouble.

not. mcini===\\

no, chimps.

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